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ABR Book I

Agnes Kelly

Mystery Adventure

Book III

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All is Revealed
in Russia

       I turn to see where Grandma and Reggie are and run right into a brick wall. Well, it’s not exactly a brick wall but it feels like it. It’s a really big man in a dark suit and tie, who kind of reminds me of Officer Miller, the CIA officer that saved us from Georg and Inger when we were in Norway.

      “Oh! I’m sorry.” I step to my right to move around the man, but he does something really strange; he steps back in front of me as if to block my way.

      I look up at the big man with broad shoulders, and then it dawns on me: Officer Miller has sent a man to find us and make us finally go home!



      Has Grandma Agee gone off the deep end with her new plan? Is there any chance Grandma and Agnes can meet with Russian’s supreme leader, Nikita Khrushchev? Is CIA Officer Miller or Mr. Borge of EI4 (the Norwegian Intelligence Service) going to catch up to them and force them to go home?

       Book III in the Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure Series is full of even more surprises, takes you on another exciting ride (this time through the heart of Russia), and Reveals All! − including some things you would never expect!

Behind the Story

I'm not going to give away too much here and spoil the surprise.

Grandma and Agnes are getting tired. It has been a long time since they have been home, among their family, sleeping in their own beds. I don't know if you get that way when you travel, but as fun as traveling may be, it is nice when you finally get home among the people and things you are familiar with.


But Grandma and Agnes are on a mission, so they aren't going to stop, even though they may want to.

Just like Norway, I've never been to Russia. I think it would be a wonderful place to visit, though I wouldn't want to live there.

To write this story, I was lucky enough to talk to a few different people who lived in Russia and I learned that it's not an easy place to live. It's hard to imagine that the place you worked and the place you lived and most of the places you shopped would be all owned and run by the government. This means some things are not easy to get. They have things that are like flea markets, where you can buy goods that are hard to get, but the average person in Russia doesn't have a lot of extra money to buy things in this market, or even on the "black market" (That's a market that is not in public. All countries have a "black market" but I imgine it is even more popular in Russia.)

It also means that the newspapers and many books are printed by the government, too. That means the Russians have to use other means to read information written by other people and other countries. I wouldn't like that, either.

If you remember, I said I'd share the real story behind Agnes' adventure, so if you want to read about that, click on this secret link ;) 

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