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Chakra Magic

A Book for the Whole Family

Chakra Magic

It is 1954 and Katherine Gale has just turned thirteen, though she likes it when people say she looks older. Being thirteen means friends are paramount, right up there with the latest fashion and distain of younger siblings. In addition, you don't particularly like visiting your elderly Grandmother. Katherine and her mother, Ruth, are about to do just that.


Grandma Blanch is eighty-four and getting forgetful, so the decision was made that Grandma has to move soon, and Ruth needs help sorting through Grandma’s things. Katherine only has younger brothers, so she is volunteered for the task. What Katherine and her mother don’t know is that Grandma Blanch needs more help then they realize, and Katherine, unwittingly, discovers how to do just that, gaining a new friend in the process.

Chakra Magic Front Cover
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Behind the Story
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I have been listening to an audio Chakra meditation for quite some time. Like most people, I think, meditation isn't an easy thing to do. Not that it's hard to sit quietly (though for some, this might be true too), but sitting quietly and not letting all the things in my head fill my thoughts is the hard part.

I don't know about you, but most of the time I am pretty busy. Besides the book I am usually mulling around in my head, I have a company I run (CKBooks Publishing) and friends and family that also require my attention. These are all good things, but when I want to sit quietly and either not focus on any one thing or focus on my chakras, it's sometimes hard to do. 

The thing is, this is the same even for children, at least children who are old enough to go to school and participate in groups, sports, play an instrument, and have friends and family too.

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So that is why I wrote Chakra Magic.

So what is a Chakra, anway?!

The idea of Chakras have been around for a long, long time and the basic concept is in many different cultures: India, China and even in the Native American culture.

Chakras are places in the body that are associated with a special energy. What is most difficult is that you can't see or feel this energy, but it is there, nonetheless. That is why I call them "Magic."

And who better to help tell young readers about such "Magic" is my fairy friends: Fin, Ruby, Lilly, Darrius, Lilly, Tucker, Samantha, and Rachel.

There are seven fairies because there are seven main chakras. And each chakra is associated with a certain color - like the color of the fairies.

In Chakra Magic, the fairies teach the reader about the different chakras and take them through a meditation that focuses on each chakra. There is also an exercise that allows the reader to learn what the chakra enegry can feel like.

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I have to give a big thumbs up to the illustrator of Chakra Magic, Marianella Aquirre. She is from Venezuela but currently lives in New Zealand.

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